New Discord Mindful Message! 01.26.24

New Discord Mindful Message! 01.26.24

Rise & Grind 👑 🙌🏾

This week wasn’t just about listening to mindfulness tales told from a venerable (monk). It was also a way to embrace our inner child. The tales where fun ways to learn about practicing mindfulness.

This last tale is about the qualities of a good leader. In any given moment either of us could find ourselves in a position where others are looking to us for a solution. Also, everyone on this path is a leader. Because everyday we stay the course, we lead by example. I respect your perseverance 🙏🏾

Today’s tale is called “A Respectful Heart is the Buddha’s Heart” and it discusses the concept of leadership and what qualities make a person a good leader.

The episode begins with a conversation between the five fingers on a hand, each arguing that they should be considered the leader. The thumb argues that it is the leader because it represents approval, while the index finger argues that it gets people’s attention and is essential for tasting food. The middle finger claims to be the tallest and therefore the biggest, while the ring finger argues that it is the most important because people wear wedding rings on it.

The little finger remained quiet throughout the conversation until asked for its opinion. The other fingers wanted the little finger to be the tie breaker and announce who it considered the leader. Each finger stood in pride as the little finger acknowledged their many uses. The little finger is humble and says it doesn’t have many uses like the other fingers, so it cannot compare itself.

In that moment the fingers realize that the little finger is the one with the highest respect. When people join their palms together to show respect and humility, it is the little finger that is closest.
The gesture can be used as a greeting, to express gratitude or devotion, or as a gesture of prayer. The gesture is often accompanied by namaste, which means “I bow to the divinity within you from the divinity within me”. The gesture is said to provide a connection between the right and left hemispheres and represents unification. They all agreed it was the little finger that should be considered the leader.

The moral is true leadership comes from how one treats and respects others, rather than wealth or power. Which is what most of society today thinks are qualities for a leader. It emphasizes having a big heart and treating others with compassion as qualities of a good leader.

Suggestions from this week’s mindfulness tales:

– Listen to more Bodhi Light Tale podcast episodes.
– Reflect on the message of today’s episode: “A respectful heart is the Buddha’s heart.”
– Consider the discussion between the five fingers and their claims to leadership.
– Take note of the little finger’s perspective and its significance as the smallest finger.
– Ponder on how this conversation relates to leadership and value in different contexts.
– Apply these insights to personal growth and decision-making processes.
– Share thoughts or engage in discussions with others about this topic.

The overall takeaway:

– Stay mindful & open-minded throughout the day
– Embrace different perspectives and
– Value diversity in opinions


{Bodhi Light Tales is a podcast series that features short stories about mindfulness and wisdom. The stories are based on the work of Master Hsing Yun and are hosted by Venerable Miao Guang. }

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