New Discord Mindful Message! 01.24.24

New Discord Mindful Message! 01.24.24

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Today’s tale is called “Bubble Necklace”

This podcast episode is about a princess named Bella who becomes obsessed with having a necklace made of bubbles that she saw at the pond. Her father, King Louis, tells her that bubbles are too fragile, however she doesn’t care and demands the necklace. The King tries to fulfill her wish by commanding his people make his daughter this bubble necklace. But they inform the king that bubbles are too fragile to make a necklace out of. He doesn’t care, he puts everyone in a room and says no one leaves until they have a way to make the princess’s necklace.

An old florist named Anthony raised his hand and offers to try and make the necklace, but only if Princess Bella helps. He takes her to the pond with the bubbles forming and asks her to bring him the bubbles she wants in her necklace. She excitedly agrees and despite her efforts, all the bubbles burst upon touch. Princess Bella becomes frustrated and demands a flower necklace instead.

The moral of the story is that we often become attached to things that are not real and cannot bring true happiness. The truth is we are all a little like the princess. We try to grab on to things that we think is real, blinded by delusion and desire, just to find out it’s not real. Similar to Princess Bella, we should recognize the impermanence of such attachments, learning to find inner joy and letting go. The episode further relates this moral to the broader human experience, echoing Buddhist philosophy on impermanence and the pursuit of true happiness through detachment from desires.

Our intentions is to wake up from our ignorance and realize the essence of life. To stop searching outside ourselves for happiness. But to find the true treasures. Whoever subdues anger, greed, and delusion will have inner join. Whoever realizes the true nature of impermanence can be freed from suffering. This is how we can face our gains and losses in life with wisdom.

Impermanence is the state of not lasting forever or not lasting for a long time. The Universal Law of Impermanence states that nothing lasts forever.

So how do we use “Universal Law of Impermanence” to our advantage?

When you’re experiencing something “good”, cherish it while you have it and don’t take it for granted. When you’re experiencing something “bad”, remind yourself that nothing lasts forever.


{Bodhi Light Tales is a podcast series that features short stories about mindfulness and wisdom. The stories are based on the work of Master Hsing Yun and are hosted by Venerable Miao Guang. }

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