New Discord Mindful Message!01.23.24

New Discord Mindful Message!01.23.24

Rise & Grind 👑 🙌🏾

Today I want to share the tale “Compassion is like a bridge”

This podcast episode discusses the importance of compassion in building connections and relationships. The story follows a man named Ralph who is unhappy at work. He can’t relate with his colleges, he just started and already hates it. He finds it so hard to communicate with them and now he is considering quitting.

He seeks advice from a Buddhist monk, who asks him to retell the story of the injured dog he just rescued the last time they saw each other. Ralph’s entire mood lifts, and begins to tell how he rescued his new best friend Einstein. The monk then asks how Einstein is doing. Ralph talks about how close they’ve become during the recovery process. How smart, loyal, and compassionate Einstein is and how much joy he brings into his life. Listening to Ralph beam, the Monk says “Sounds like you have been getting along well” and Ralph responded “Of course! We understand & love each other”.

The Monk reminds Ralph of his compassionate actions towards a rescued dog. The monk explains that his ability to communicate with and love his dog even though they dont speak the same language stems from his compassion. Even though Ralph and Einstein are different in many ways, because Ralph treated him with compassion from the beginning they were able to get along well.

The monk suggests that Ralph apply the same compassion to his colleagues at work. Ralph takes this advice to heart and finds a way to get along with his coworkers, realizing that compassion is like a bridge that brings people together.

The moral of the story is that approaching each day with compassion and loving kindness can bring happiness and inspiration to others, and with compassion, one will always have friends wherever they go.

Compassion can be described as a bridge to higher emotional planes. Compassion involves 5 elements that apply to the self or others:
– Recognizing suffering
– Understanding the universality of suffering in human experience
– Feeling for a person suffering and emotionally connecting with their distress
– Tolerating any uncomfortable feelings aroused
– Being present to the suffering, and knowing other’s suffering from our own experience of suffering

May we each witness compassion on this day 💚✨🙏🏾

{Bodhi Light Tales is a podcast series that features short stories about mindfulness and wisdom. The stories are based on the work of Master Hsing Yun and are hosted by Venerable Miao Guang. }

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