New Discord Mindful Message! 1.18.24

New Discord Mindful Message! 1.18.24

Rise & Grind 👑 🙌🏾

“Stay true to yourself. An original is worth more than a copy”

There are lessons learned in life that contribute to how the world see’s us. Society also has a tendency to define us based on how they feel we should be defined. But no matter how the world see/defined us, who we truly are within is only for us to discover. Being you, is worth more then how they determine your value.

The purpose of this “Me, Myself, and I” week is there are times when we feel disconnected and lost. Or confused because it seems the world is telling us to be different that how we truly feel within. My intentions is for us to explore different ways to connect within.

Another important reason for finding our truth is… if we don’t know who we truly are, we won’t know what we truly want. We’ve been learning how powerful our words, as well as how literal the universe can do when assisting with manifestations. So knowing who you are, can ensure you are speaking over yourself and rot he universe what your heart truly desires.

It’s time to grow our confidence with who we are today. Self acceptance and worth is very important in connecting to your truth.

One thing we’ve discovered on this path together is that “Silence” (Paramitas 5) helps us connect to self and “Silence” helps us with introspection, cognitive clarity, and communication when we do start to find our voice.

According to Psychology Today, you can start to be yourself by appreciating your own quirkiness. I tell my kids I embrace my weirdness, I refuse to be normal in this world. Because I see what trying to be “Normal” does to people. It’s to much pressure, We have to start. We programming ourselves to learn how to respect ourselves for who we are. respect who we are.

You are a being of substance. 💚✨🙏🏾

Some ways to reconnect with your true self:
– Practice mindfulness
– Journal
– Meditate
– Spend time in nature
– Move your body
– Reflect on your values and beliefs
– Surround yourself with supportive people
– Understand and meet your needs

Connecting with your true self involves self-awareness, self-acceptance, and mindfulness. You can achieve this through introspection, meditation, and practices that promote self-discovery and personal growth.

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