New Discord Mindful Message! 01.17.24

New Discord Mindful Message! 01.17.24

Grand Day 👑 🙌🏾

“Silence is the Mother of Truth”

Discovering & being your authentic self can be challenging, especially when wearing a mask that pleases others. But we not doing this for anyone else but ourselves. The truth is the work is endless, with each level up there are more challenges to overcome. But we have everything we need within to successfully take on each one. One challenge on this path can be the masks we wear to protect others. This mask honors others EGO and not our true self.

With self discovery we put in a lot of work to remove masks that are keeping us from honoring our truth. The struggle is there will be times where some form of mask will be needed. Think about it, we all put on a form of the mask anytime we go to work. I call it being “ON”, I work in a professional corporate environment, so I have to be on most of the time. Even family functions I have to be social and “ON” otherwise I’ll get 1,001 questions asking what’s wrong.

So even if our truth at the moment is solitude, certain situations require engagement. And that means engaging with people we don’t necessarily vibe with. This is why balance in everything. Balance would be being “ON” while still staying true to self.

So how do we master being true to ourselves as well as the spaces we are in, to maintain peace?

The answer isn’t putting on a mask and reflecting what you think is expected of you based on the people in your space. Remember real recognizes real. You can tell when someone is wearing a fake mask, nothing they say or do feels genuine. Those spaces aren’t enjoyable for anyone. It’s also very draining having to be someone your not.

The answer isn’t wearing no mask at all and just standing in your truth either. Listen I respect this level of energy and confidence. But unfortunately that doesn’t work for the path I’ve chosen. I want to create healthy relationships with the people I interact with daily, and I also understand that Truth can be a trigger for EGOs. I’ve witnessed situations escalate negatively because of Truths and EGOs. Sometimes keeping It real can go left and create a non productive environment.

The answer is balance, somewhere in between. What about a mask created in the image of the authentic self we’ve discovered in that moment, covered in silence. So a self mask of silence, balance between wearing a mask and not really. With this mask you have the ability to speak your truth because it’s a reflection of self, but also has the self awareness to know when silence is needed. This mask allows us to honor our peace of mind by letting the silence speak for itself.

We want the people within your space to trust us. That will never happen if we’re not in our truth, and the space won’t be enjoyable for anyone once EGO joins. So maybe the truth to honor ourselves and the space we are is silence.

Silence is truth without words. It’s understanding in that moment you have no words to contribute, that will impact the space in a positive productive way. Here are some benefits of silence:

– Introspection: Silence can help with self-awareness.
– Cognitive clarity: Silence can help with emotional understanding and cognitive clarity. It can also help with original and critical thought.
– Focus: Silence can help with focus.
– Self-control: Silence can help with self-control.
– Perspective: Silence can help with perspective.

The silence you give to a space will encourage the benefits listed above. Silence forces everyone in the space into introspection & cognitive clarity. See silence helps us maintain our peace of mind, and keep EGOs at bay. EGOs can only fight silence so long before becoming silent themselves.

We honor our truth, by respecting the truth that comes from silence. Silence can help to still the mind and create a space for deeper understanding and insight, as well as, be a powerful tool for communication. Use silence as a way to foster self-awareness. 🙏🏾

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