New Discord Mindful Message! 01.01.24

New Discord Mindful Message! 01.01.24

Rise & Grind 👑 🙌🏾

“Change is hard because people overestimate the value of what they have and underestimate the value of what they may gain by giving that up”

Yesterday was about getting in the right mindset to adapt to the changes that come along our journey. And how to turn that change no matter what it is, into something that you can gain from on your chosen path.

There are some amazing individuals in this world who easily adapt to change, it’s within their nature to just go with the flow. I unfortunately am not one of those beautiful beings. But just because change does affect them the way it does me, doesn’t mean they haven’t had or won’t have a moment in their journey where they encounter a change that is hard to accept. At the end of the day we are all Human, and change can be a challenge.

Being that we are all humans, that means we are all on this endless path of healing and discovery together. And one thing I’ve learned in life is it’s better to be prepared than surprised. That’s why we break down the same topic each day, to drill it in through repetition. So we are prepared when we are faced with adversity, because we have the resources tools to cope with what’s before us.

So lets review some more ways to cope with change, aside from accepting it for what it is and turning it into a change necessary for personal growth.

– Manage stress levels, because coping with change can be draining.Taking care of yourself will help you be able to manage the difficult thoughts and feelings you experience while working through challenging transitions.

– Seek support from a trusted source that can help you, as you adapt to the new situation.

– Coping skills. Coping skills help us cope with change by teaching us strategies for calming our emotions. Typical coping strategies include slow deep breaths (for relaxation), distraction (thinking about something else), problem-solving.

– Look forward and back. When big changes are taking place, they can sometimes take up all of our thinking (and worrying) power. Try to look past this time and focus on what we want life to be like after it passes. Because this to shall pass. Similarly, look back at other times you’ve overcome changes in your life, to give yourself strength to continue pushing forward.

You are powerful, bright, and prepared to overcome any obstacles changes in life my throw on your path. You got this 🦾 🙏🏾

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