New Discord Mindful Message! 12.28.23

New Discord Mindful Message! 12.28.23

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“I surrender to the wisdom of pure consciousness.”

The crown chakra acts as the individual’s center of enlightenment, wisdom, universal consciousness/connection.

When Crown Chakra is Blocked or Out of Balance

When energy is stuck a range of emotional cues can act as red flags. Common indicators include:

– Difficulty meditating
– Spiritual disinterest
– Boredom, feeling antsy with the mundane
– Not feeling connected to one’s purpose
– Desiring complete isolation.
– Apathy
– Lack of care and compassion towards others
– Excessive egotism
– Insomnia (Nightmares/night terror)
– Feeling of alienation from others
– Narrow-mindedness/dogmatism
– Existential depression
– Greed and materialism
– Loneliness
– Chronic fatigue (Headaches/migraines)

How to Heal Your Crown Chakra

One way to target the alignment of the crown chakra is through moving the body. Yoga for example, can be beneficial for moving energy through the crown region. Even trying something as simple as lying upside down to get blood flow moving to the top of the head can help, so don’t worry that being a yoga novice will keep you from being able to align your chakras.

Another common approach to aligning this chakra is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), referred to as “tapping.” Tapping therapy is a method that involves tapping on specific points on the body. It’s similar to acupuncture, which involves tapping certain points on the body to improve energy flow.

Tapping therapy works by pairing bodily sensations with feelings and emotions. It involves focusing on a negative emotion, such as a fear, anxiety, or bad memory. While maintaining focus, tap 5–7 times on each point on the body. The points to tap include:

– The bone underneath one eye
– Between the nose and upper lip
– Between the lower lip and chin
– Beneath one collarbone
– Under one armpit

Some say that tapping helps access the body’s energy and send signals to the brain’s stress control system. Others say that tapping can help manage stress, reduce cortisol levels, improve anxiety, and treat PTSD. (Keep in mind not everything works for everyone, that’s why we do our due diligence and keep researching to find what works for us individually)

Here are some more ways to heal the crown chakra:

– Exercise (Yoga)
– Breathing exercises.
– Affirmations. Strong affirmations can help heal a misaligned chakra. Start with “I am” or “I have” and emphasize spirituality, consciousness, and wisdom.
– Crystals. Using white, and purple colors can help balance misaligned energies.
– Mantra chanting. The seed mantra of the Crown Chakra is OM.
– Meditation.
– Aromatherapy. Essential oils such as sage, lavender, frankincense, and juniper can help balance this chakra.
– Voilet – wear violet and eat violet foods
– Journaling Prompts. allows you to refocus on more positive topics, such as good experiences or strong relationships.

Journaling for me is the easiest way to heal. All it requires is prompts, paper and a pen. So grab a pen and paper and ask yourself:

– Who or what could I have more faith in?
– How can I connect with all that is?
– Do I allow myself to experience stillness? Can I simply be?
– Who would I be without my limiting beliefs?
– Describe how you connect with other living beings, such as people, animals, plants, the earth, and the universe
– What does it mean to you to be “connected”
– What are three ways you can practice surrendering in your daily life?
– Surrendering doesn’t mean that I have to….

May the day bring you a sense of connection with all the good within you and this universe 🙏🏾

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