New Discord Mindful Message! 12.06.23

New Discord Mindful Message! 12.06.23

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“A healthy Heart Chakra makes you feel peaceful connected and loved”

Emotions are complicated. They are responses to relationships and circumstances outside of ourselves. The heart chakra tells you about ourself and our own willingness to open up to the world or hide from it, its energy also lets the people around us know, on an energetic level, how much we are willing to give or receive.

When I first started learning about chakras I was drawn to the heart chakra. For me love heals all, so it had to be the most important chakra right? What I didn’t know at the time was chakras can not only be underactive, but overactive s las well. Balance is not going overboard with work on one specific chakra and ignoring all others, it’s finding a happy medium.

With all of my focus on healing this one chakra I created an imbalance. I found myself being overly emotional at times with love ones. I no longer had boundaries for myself, I was full of love and felt it was my obligation to share that love I’d been working on. I was codependent and overly sacrificing. I was in my feelings when I felt like the love I was giving wasn’t being returned (but this path has shown me humility, we must give without expecting anything in return)

One day I was explaining to a friend how anytime I got rose quartz crystals I’d either lose it or it would break. As talked she explained I maybe going overboard with the work I’ve been doing, I didn’t even know that was possible or a thing. I did my research and realized that’s exactly what I had done.

“The key to keeping your balance is knowing when you’ve lost it”.

So I started doing healing my heart chakra, by going back and doing work with my Root chakra and working my way back up to restore balance.

Balance is key. So when researching imbalanced chakra symptoms go through underactive and overactive symptoms.

Underactive Signs
– shyness
– fear of getting hurt
– feelings of loneliness or being unloved
– suspicion
– possessiveness
– being antisocial / judgmental
– fear of relationships

Overactive Signs
– overly empathetic / concerned
– jealous
– poor boundaries
– codependency / clinging
– staying in an abusive relationship
– overly sacrificing

The heart chakra is a window into our most honest self. No matter how much we grow, one of the most consistent things in life will be our emotional response to situations.

Remember whatever emotion we feel, positive or negative, will resonates within our heart chakra and from there, out into the world. Make sure the the energy you give to the world, is the energy you want to receive. 💚✨🙏🏾

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