New Discord Mindful Message! 11.21.23

New Discord Mindful Message! 11.21.23

Rise & Grind 👑🙌🏾

“Because I am worthy, I nurture myself emotionally and take full responsibility for creating my own peace and happiness”

A lot of the blockage that occurs in the Sacral chakra comes from experiences of the past. Regardless of who was responsible for the negative experience, it is our responsibility to work on releasing that pain, and we will. We can’t wait for those who subjected us to the pains of our past to resolve it for us. That’s why we are doing the work and staying grounded on our chosen path.

The Sacral chakra is affected by traumatic experiences. Alot of which occured when we were unable to protect ourselves. The energy fields of the sacral chakra develop between the ages of 8 and 14. This is a time when self-confidence is often tested as we grow from childhood into adulthood.

Feelings of detachment, being indulgent, being aggressive, over sensitive, fear, anxiety, poor boundaries all stem from blocked Sacral center. But this is where we as adults step in and nourish our inner child back to a positive energy.

We’ve discussed in the past healing the inner child within us that feels neglected, rejected, or abandoned. Things you can try to nourish the inner self is playing, having fun, and doing something creative. Find the things that brought you joy as a child and recreate that joy for yourself as an adult. Do some researching on inner child healing. It will provide you with the resources and tools you need to assist in opening the Sacral chakra.

The Sacral center is linked to feeling safe, secure in your body, and connecting to people around you. If that inner child within feels rejected how hard will it be to truly connect to others. & It’s not just childhood experiences, any experiences that challenges your sense of self, or that is abusive can disrupt the energy flowing through this center.

Take your time exploring this energy center. Don’t rush exploring this chakra, because it may contain baggage from a lot of years that you have to unpack and release. You got this 🦾 you’ve come to far on your path to be knocked of course. Even if this is your first time in this space, you got here & we all know that 1st step is the hardest. You are worthy of this healing 🙏🏾

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