New Discord Mindful Message! 10.19.23

New Discord Mindful Message! 10.19.23

Rise & Grind 👑🙌🏾

There are two forms of wisdom. One taught by society/life and one that is our truth found within.

When I think of truth I think of nature. I believe naturally we are all born with unconditional compassion, and it’s not until we are exposed to society that our compassion becomes restricted/conditional. So for me our true nature encompasses the very thing needed for supreme wisdom to exist…. compassion.

For me deep in the roots of all nature is light. Nature doesn’t hurry, yet it naturally accomplishing everything it intends to with unwavering patience. It’s generous in how it gives life to everything within nature without asking for anything in return.

“Nature is the purest portal to inner peace”. Nature = Wisdom

On this journey we are finding ways to reconnect to our inner child. That part of us that is still innocent, joyful, and free from judgement and restrictions. The part of us that has a stronger connection to our true nature.

May we each find peace on our journey to reconnect with Nature, our true selves 💚✨🙏🏾

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