New Discord Mindful Message! 10.17.23

New Discord Mindful Message! 10.17.23

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One very critical piece of info to practicing the paramitas (Perfections) is you don’t have to be perfect to practice the perfections.

We may never be “perfect” in this life time. The purpose isn’t necessarily to be perfect, each paramitas is the antidote to a particular obstacle. Each can be practiced as the step-by-step path to your own path of equanimity. We know the importance of being patience with ourselves.

With Wisdom (prajna) it cuts through mistaken beliefs about reality, beliefs society has instilled in us. However with Wisdom compassion naturally arises. Each time we come to spaces like this we embark on our path of wisdom with more resources that serve a purpose for our journey.

It won’t be easy reprogramming ourselves to align more with the wisdom of the heart, instead of the wisdom of the mind. However, daily our goal is to reprogram our DNA and mind so that its easier to be more mindful and at peace. Allowing us to find the connections and the answers we seek. Wisdom is a light already within, every day is a day to find and strengthen those tools/resources to access that inner light.

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