New Discord Mindful Message! 10.16.23

New Discord Mindful Message! 10.16.23

Rise & Grind 👑🙌🏾

The 6th and final Paramitas (Perfection) is Wisdom. And it is the most challenging to explain/translate. There is no straight forward definition, for the most part it’s understanding one’s mind and self- nature, “wisdom of purity”.

A few months ago we discussed suffering, and how suffering comes from the attachments we create in this world. The wisdom we are seeking is the mental state of no attachment, no fears, just pure and calm rationality.

For the sixth paramitas, two forms of wisdom are described. One is mundane wisdom, which is knowledge we’ve obtained from our teachers, parents, books, the things we seen in this life.

Then there is the supreme (super) mundane wisdom. This state of wisdom can be developed from the realization of our truth. This is the truth found in “Samadhi”. Which is the silence between the noises of the past and future. Where we discover One-ness with ourselves and the universe around us.

How can we obtain this “Super Wisdom”?

Through practicing the 6 Paramitas we have been reviewing for 6 weeks. The wisdom we seek is found in generosity, morality, patience, diligence, & meditation. As we find our connection/path with each we discover our truth…which is the wisdom we seek.

The wisdom we seek is not the wisdom taught to us in this world, but the wisdom that came with us into this world. It’s the light that already lives within you.

Why do we want this “Super” Wisdom?

It allows us to see clearly and correctly what to do and how to behave in any particular situations. Stopping us from doing something we’ll later regret. It helps us to overcome indecision and confusion. It enables us to evaluate the situations of others more accurately, so we know what to say and do that will be of most benefit to all. It’s to reduce the suffering we endure because of the anxiety, stress, etc. we feel just being in this world.

Always remember we are in this world, not of it. We are each worthy of what our hearts desire, wisdom helps us reach our distance with more enlightenment & less suffering.

Infinite 💚& ✨ to all on their journey 🙏🏾

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