New Discord Mindful Message! 09.20.23

New Discord Mindful Message! 09.20.23

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I saw this quote and went down a rabbit hole…Could it be that simple? How good you feel after an act determines if it’s moral or immoral? I do think our feelings play an important part, but I feel it might be more complex than that.

For example the company I use to work for allowed us to do volunteer work one day a year. 8 hours in an office working or 8 hours of volunteering at a nonprofit.

I watched people who normally sit at a desk complaining about work, put in 8hrs of physical labor with a smile and at ease. They left volunteering, physically tired from preparing hundreds of school lunches for kids from donations from local grocery stores. Here they were at the end of a long labor intensive day energized & filled with so much joy at the work they had accomplished. We all sat around and talked about our experience and it was united…we all just felt good being able to see how many people were going to be positively impacted by the work we just did.

As I reflect on it now, I realize we all felt good about our day because we were servicing someone other than ourselves. I feel naturally it’s apart of our purpose in life. That’s why we could all stand there sweaty, dirty, a few scratches, and with no complaints. We found meaning in the work we did that day helping others in need.

That’s not to say the work we do daily is immoral…. Those in IT, HR, L&D, Customer Service, Etc. each has a “customer” they help. But the feeling after accomplishing said “help” is just different. It doesn’t feel moral nor immoral.

This is where I think ethics vs morals comes in. For my example we all worked in Hospitality daily. The very definition of this industry is to accommodate others. So daily we help customers, yet we don’t leave our jobs as fulfilled as we did that 1 day of feeding those in need.

In most cases, when any of us does something we try to act according to what society believes is right, that is Ethics. When we listen closely to what our own beliefs about right or wrong tell us, even if they’re different from society’s views, this is Morals.

This is why I feel like it’s more complex than just how we feel after good deeds. Even with good work ethics like coming to work on time, being respectful to others, going above and beyond to help customers, etc. and being recognized by your employer for the hard work, hits different. It just has a different moral fulfillment at the end of the day.

There are 8 hours of helping others driven by good “work” ethics, and 8 hours of helping others driven by good morals. For me there are levels of fulfillment for both. I take pride in my work and my desire to help others. But this does confirm for me it’s not just about how you feel after an act. It’s also about what is motivating the act to begin with, the act itself, and the impact of the act that gives moral fulfillment.

Let’s take the day to reflect on ethics & morals.

Ethics refers to rules that a society system provides to us, Morals are our own principles. Can ethics a lone give you the fulfillment you desire? Or will you need to reflect more on your moral principles for that fulfillment?


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