New Discord Mindful Message! 09.13.23

New Discord Mindful Message! 09.13.23

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During class Sunday I was informed that there is a wrong and a right way to give. Initially this ideology seemed strange to me, for me as long as you’re giving and the person in need benefits that’s all that matters.

But then we broke it down. What if your giving something to someone that may cause them harm? Is it generosity or enabling if I gift money to someone I know struggling with addiction to buy “food” if I know they are going to feed their addiction and not their body? A more appropriate form of generosity in this situation would be to gift the food instead of the money. Eliminating the temptation they may have if I just gave the money. This is a more mindful way of giving.

Another part of generosity that needs reflection is where the desire to give comes from. Would practicing generosity with ulterior motives be positive or good? A positive form of practicing generosity is to give without expecting anything in return.

I’ve actually been practicing this without knowing it. For years the feedback I give to my kids when it pertains to loaning money, is always give what you can without expecting it to be returned. I’ve seen money ruin the best of relationships. But if it doesn’t take from you and you’re not expecting it to be returned. Your life will continue as is, without the pain of feeling slighted or cheated by someone u care for. And if you get it returned it’s a bonus. It strengthens the trust between you and that person. However, if it’s not returned you lost nothing. You helped a person in need and now you no longer have to loan that person money ever again. Lol

The point for today is when practicing generosity, reflect on the intention behind the generosity. Am I only giving because I want recognition, or for them to “return the favor”?

Should any expression of love be attached to an ulterior motive? Then think….Does the generosity become less genuine, because I’m actually doing it for self and not the person in need?


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