New Discord Mindful Message! 09.11.23

New Discord Mindful Message! 09.11.23

Rise & grind 👑

Yesterday I was able to attend class, and I hadn’t all summer. The topic of discussion was the 6 Paramitas. Or depending on who you ask “The six Perfections”. However, for me, I don’t think perfection is obtainable because I don’t think it’s exists. I see the 6 Paramitas as steps to becoming a being who has generated a compassionate mind for the benefit of all sentient beings. Having this as my objective ensures I remain on a path of abundance and prosperity.

The term “sentiment being” is living beings that have some degree of consciousness. Sentience is the ability to experience sensations and emotions, such as pleasure, pain, joy, and fear.

My goal on my journey is to move along each pathsl before me with compassion for others that I cross paths with. When I leave a path to move on to the next, I left everyone that I crossed paths with in a brighter space. I want to leave it better than it was when I got there. This is why I attend the classes that I do, and surround myself by like minded individuals so that they can help me achieve my goal. They are my accountability partners, mentors, soul tribe, and friends.

So I’m grateful to be learning about the 6 Paramitas and how they can benefit me with my objective and overall journey.

#1 of the Paramitas is GENEROSITY. The gift of giving. There are many forms of giving, the top 3 are monetary, emotions, and Dharma.

Don’t get intimidated by the word “Dharma”. It’s actually what we do and encourage in this very space. Sharing positive messages from experiences in life. Sharing what knowledge we’ve gained that may help someone else on their journey. Supporting each other emotionally, all of that generosity is done in this space daily.

So this week we will reflect on the different forms of generosity. How this act of kindness can bring so much light into any space.

I also want to show gratitude to everyone who comes to this space. I appreciate every view, and every reaction 🙏🏾 I encourage you to share anything that resonates with you, with others especially those outside of this space. Gestures like a smile, holding the door or elevator for someone all seem small, but make a huge impact on others. They carry that moment of light with them as they move forward in their journey.

May the day be generous to each of you 💚✨🙏🏾

(Week 1 Generosity)

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