SEC Chair Gary Gensler to testify before Congress twice this September

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairman Gary Gensler is poised to testify before Congress twice this September — once before the Senate Banking Committee on September 12th and later the House Financial Services Committee on September 27th — according to reporting by Fox Business correspondent Eleanor Terrett.

These scheduled appearances follow a series of criticisms and accusations at Gensler from lawmakers, particularly Republicans. Rep. Patrick McHenry, ranking member of the House Financial Services Committee, has criticized Gensler’s approach to digital asset regulation as overly aggressive, especially given the lack of explicit cryptocurrency guidelines indicating which digital assets fall under SEC’s jurisdiction. McHenry and others have expressed concern over the nature of the SEC’s regulatory approach, which they argue prioritizes enforcement over explicit guideline provision.

Hot seat

Gensler has been under fire for his comments about firms needing to register with the SEC. The House Committee on Financial Services asserted that Gensler’s push for registration is a “willful misrepresentation” of the non-existent registration process, thereby contributing to the escalating debate on the need for clear regulatory guidelines for digital assets in the United States.

However, Gensler has maintained his stance, arguing that most cryptocurrencies are securities and should be regulated as such. In his previous testimony before the House Financial Services Committee, Gensler accused crypto firms of noncompliance with existing securities laws and highlighted the need for these entities to register with the SEC.

Meanwhile, the regulatory approval of Prometheum Ember Capital LLC as a distinct broker-dealer for digital assets has attracted criticism and prompted demands for transparency. Prometheum’s approval, which came shortly after a joint hearing on digital assets, has been viewed by some as an attempt to demonstrate the adequacy of existing regulations for the digital assets sector. Despite this, its connections with Chinese entities and differing views on regulation have sparked concerns and calls for further scrutiny by lawmakers.

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