New Discord Mindful Message!

New Discord Mindful Message!

Rise & Grind 👑🙌🏾

Top reason for procrastination is fear…. Rather fear of making a mistake (Perfectionism) or fear of the unknown (failure/success). Fear is nothing more than the obstacle that stands in a way of progress. In overcoming our fears, we move forward stronger and wiser within ourselves.

Remember to be human, is to make mistakes. So let’s be real with ourselves, perfection doesn’t exist. Making it a priority or a goal, is to set oneself up for failure. Perfectionism is an avoidance tactic. It promises us that if we use it, we will avoid feeling negative emotions, rejection from others, and feelings of failure. The problem is, it’s a tactic that doesn’t work.

How do we overcome these fears?

Each person is different, however having a growth mindset allows us to believe in our abilities to prosper and developed as we learn from our mistakes and progress. We must acknowledge that mistakes are apart of life and can’t be avoided.

Sometimes people are afraid of taking action because it may reveal a truth that they dont want to know. There are times when the Truth hurts. But avoiding the inevitable just delays the healing process and does more damage than good. To overcome fear of the unknown we must understand “Knowledge Is Power”.

Even if we get “bad news,” the sooner we know the truth the more opportunities we have to overcome a potentially worse situation. The quickest way to get to the half way mark in a battle is knowing what your up against.

Yes, it’s possible to set extremely high standards for oneself, and to meet those expectations. Because we can and will do remarkable things in life… however putting yourself in a cycle of Perfectionism just creates a false sense of reality. And when life comes at you, because it will, and those expectations fall short it can be devastating.

Don’t put yourself thru that emotional cycle of stress and anxiousness. Once “knowledge is power” and “perfection isn’t real” is grasped it will know longer have control over our actions. Remember, nothing has power over you until you give it that power. You got this 🦾

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