New Discord Mindful Message! 07.17.23 Post

New Discord Mindful Message! 07.17.23 Post

Rise & Grind 👑🙌🏾

Words are powerful, they can build or break. This week I want us to be mindful of the most POWERFUL words…Affirmations

Rather receiving them from ourselves or others, they are critical to self healing. Words of affirmation can help anyone feel a greater sense of self-worth and motivation as well as other positive outcomes.

Think about it, there is a powerful 3 word affirmation all of us has desired to hear since we started understanding words…”I Love You”

What are Affirmations?

Positive statements to boost confidence or feel in control of a situation. They may be used for general happiness, health, motivation, or even improving relationships.

There is no right or wrong way to use affirmations. There is no rule about frequency and timing. Psychotherapist from Open Mind Training Institute suggest repeating affirmations 3 times daily to significantly help reinforce positive beliefs.

How do you create affirmations?

The simplest Ive found is “I Am” affirmations. Example “I am worthy”. For me get as creative as you want, as long as your speaking positivity over yourself & others consistently….that is using affirmations.

Ive read the most common practise of creating affirmations is using these five stages:

Stage 1: List negative features

Make a list of what you consider to be a negative feature or qualities. Your list could be made from your own conclusions or external criticism (past or present)

As you make the list, note any general traits such as “I tend to dwell on…” (relating to possible low self esteem & social anxiety issues) The goal is to use affirmations to release this negativity.

Stage 2: Rephrase your negative features as a positive affirmation

This stage involves identifying and expressing the (positive) opposite (Newtons 3rd law of motion we discussed last week)

You can use google to assist you in this stage. Using the example from #1, a tendency to hold on to criticism could be rephrased: “I am feeling empowered and more confident as I release external criticism”. Use positive words/phrases that resonates with you the most.

Stage 3: Repeat your affirmation regularly

Speak your affirmation (silently or verbally) at least 3 times a day. You can say your affirmation while doing something repetitive like putting on make-up or shaving. This has the visual benefit of seeing your facial expression and adding emphasis in front of a mirror. Even writing or typing your affirmation can help engage your mind and body. Make the process of repeating affirmations a regular habit.

Stage 4: Anchor the affirmation into your body

Place your hand onto the area that caused your discomfort when you made your negative features list. As you say your positive affirmation, breathe with your hand on the area of discomfort, as if your combined exhalation and hand placement is soothing or releasing the physical tension in that part of your body.

If you couldn’t identify an area of discomfort, then always go to your heart. Place your hand over your heart and speak these affirmations into your heart.

Stage 5: Receive your affirmation from an external source

If you feel uncomfortable about asking someone else to repeat the affirmation to you, make a recording of your own voice saying the affirmation. Then play the audio recording back to yourself. There is nothing wrong this because you can be your own greatest coach.

Another good resource is YouTube, there are a lot of affirmations playlist that you can download and even play while you sleep.

There is no wrong way to do Affirmations. Feel free ro remix any of thr stages above, to make this positive experience yours.

Lets reprogram our way of thinking so that we surround ourselves witht hr positive light we need to see us through any dark days. 💚✨🙏🏾

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