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Beeple, one of the most well-known NFT artists, recently took to Twitter to tease an upcoming goat-related airdrop raffle for Beeple holders. According to the tweet, the snapshot for the raffle will be taken on Thursday at 12 p.m. EST. In order to participate, holders must have their Beeple NFT in a non-custodial wallet (aka not Niftygateway).

While the details of the airdrop and raffle mechanism remain unclear, Beeple’s cryptic tweet has generated excitement among NFT collectors and enthusiasts alike. Beeple is known for his unique and often provocative NFT creations, and it’s safe to say that whatever the airdrop turns out to be, it will be in typical Beeple fashion.

It’s worth noting that Beeple cautions safety and assures holders that a wallet connection won’t be needed as it’s an airdrop. Nevertheless, those who hold Beeple’s works should be excited for the potential gift. After all, who doesn’t love an airdrop?

In the fast-paced and ever-changing world of NFTs, airdrops are becoming an increasingly popular way for artists to reward their loyal collectors. These surprise giveaways can range from exclusive access to new NFT drops to free limited edition NFTs. And while the exact details of Beeple’s goat-related airdrop are shrouded in mystery, it’s clear that it will be something worth holding a Beeple NFT for.

So mark your calendars and make sure your Beeple NFT is in a non-custodial wallet by Thursday at 12 p.m. EST. Who knows, you might just be one of the lucky holders to receive a special surprise from Beeple himself.

Beeple loves goats

Upon reviewing Beeple’s vast collection of digital art pieces, it’s clear that goats are a recurring theme in his “Everyday” series, in which he creates and posts a new piece of art every day. While the reasons behind this recurring motif are unclear, it’s possible that goats hold some personal significance for Beeple or that he simply finds them visually interesting or amusing.


Beeple, whose real name is Mike Winkelmann, is a digital artist and graphic designer who has gained widespread recognition in the world of NFTs. He is best known for his unique and often provocative 3D digital art, which he has been creating and sharing online for over a decade.

Beeple’s rise to fame in the NFT world came in March 2021, when he sold a single NFT artwork for a record-breaking $69 million at a Christie’s auction. This sale cemented his status as one of the most influential artists in the NFT space and helped to bring mainstream attention to the world of digital art.

Interestingly, the timing of Beeple’s recent tweet about the goat-related airdrop raffle coincides with the lead up to VEECON 2, a major NFT conference that is taking place this week. The conference is expected to draw top NFT artists, collectors, and enthusiasts from around the world, and it’s possible that Beeple’s airdrop announcement is timed to coincide with the event.

VEECON 2 is expected to be a major catalyst for the NFT market, as it will showcase some of the most exciting and innovative NFT projects currently in development. As such, Beeple’s airdrop announcement has generated even more excitement among NFT enthusiasts, who are eager to see what new developments will emerge from the conference.

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