Here’s The Latest On Ecomi Moving To Immutable-X

Ecomi finally moved off GoChain to the ETH-based Immutable X this month. What’s next for the NFT play? Will we finally see a Binance listing? What about this token migration?


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Ecomi Immutable-X: OMI Token Migration

The long-awaited move to Immutable-x finally came earlier this month for Ecomi. The move was a welcome upgrade for the protocol that had struggled for relevancy while on the GoChain.

Now that the move is official, the NFT protocol is taking steps for users to move their tokens over to the Eth-scaling solution Immutable-X. For holders who hold tokens outside of exchanges, here is a helpful guide. If you hold it on an exchange, your tokens will automatically be converted. 

The migration is expected to begin in the new year.

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Ecomi Immutable-X: Future Of The NFT Protocol

The big selling point for Ecomi’s move to Immutable-X is its inclusion to the ETH network. Makes sense. Ethereum’s base of NFT users is by far the largest in the world.

But an underrated aspect of the move is the flexibility that Ecomi’s OMI token now has exchange-wise. Being on GoChain left the protocol with little flexibility. For the longest time, Ecomi had been on very few exchanges most of them very little known like BitForex for example.

Is Binance next? It’s unclear at this point. But the move to Immutable-X makes a listing on the biggest exchange more realistic.

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Omi Price Action

Ecomi is currently 91st in terms of market cap, sitting at 1,500,000 billion USD. The NFT protocol is currently trading in the 0.0062 USD range. It’s down -2% in the last 24 hours, however, it’s up more than 15,000% in the last year.

Ecomi Chart


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