Keep Your Portfolio Bear Proof With Gnox (GNOX), Solana (SOL) And Dogecoin (DOGE)

Protecting your portfolio from the bear market is now as important as ever. Especially as we might be heading into a global recession (something the crypto world hasn’t experienced yet). After all, much of the market has been in turmoil in recent weeks, so making sure your portfolio has been diversified into the absolute best picks is crucial. And that’s why we’ve picked 3 crypto projects that could be strong enough to see you through the current bear market and into long-term gains (no matter how long the bear lasts). Let’s have a look at them…

Gnox performs well during current bear market

Gnox has been one of the biggest surprises during the current bear run. It hasn’t just consolidated like some other coins—it’s actually surged. These gains are a result of the news of a successful security audit alongside increased token burns, as well as most importantly: Gnox’s fundamentals. Creators of GNOX have built the perfect platform that’s poised to take DeFi investments into the mainstream and put passive income gains into the hands of regular investors. Those who might have been hesitant to enter the DeFi space, or who simply don’t understand how things like staking and liquidity pooling work. Now they can simply enjoy passive income gains with Gnox via Yield Farming as a Service.

Solana has had a tough few days

There’s been a ton of drama in the Solana world recently. While the true details of this drama are complicated, the system was under threat from a whale account that could collapse the whole platform. Solana acted to use a governance protocol (and votes from its other holders) to help prevent this. While some analysts have argued these actions fly in the face of a truly decentralized platform, they may have been necessary in this instance. They also show the benefit of governance tokens in the crypto space.

Onlookers might think that this activity would cause huge dips in Solana’s price as confidence in the platform is lost. But this hasn’t happened. Far from it, Solana has actually had a good couple of days and is on the upside (at time of writing). This is incredibly bullish news for the project, and could indicate its bear market resilience.

Dogecoin (DOGE)

Some, like Elon Musk, argue that Doge is the people’s crypto, and will become the first coin that people actually use regularly for purchases. While it has had a tough few months, it’s still got some of the most powerful backers in the world. And with both fast transaction speeds and low transaction costs, we still think DOGE has a bright future in crypto.


We think that DOGE, GNOX and Solana could have the right credentials to thrive in the bear market. They’re all long-term holds for good reason, so consider adding them to your portfolio.

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