“I Sold Everything Except SHIB and DOGE!”: Jeremie Davinci

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Gamza Khanzadaev

But it is just a joke and not exactly, but kind of true, he later declares

Jeremie Davinci is a famous Bitcoin enthusiast and early crypto adopter. He earned his popularity in recent years when the video of him advising to “just buy $1 worth of Bitcoin” nine years ago suddenly resurfaced and quickly gained about four million views on Youtube.

Nine years later, Jeremie continues to actively push crypto and, especially, Bitcoin. In the recent tweet, though being pro-Bitcoin, Jeremie stated that he sold everything except famous “already-not-memecoins,” DOGE and SHIB.

However, Jeremie knows it is better not to play around these two tickers on Twitter, with both Dogecoin and Shiba Inu having communities so big they call themselves armies. That is why he rushed to explain that his tweet was just a joke, but he left a kind of hint saying that his selling everything is “not exactly but kind of true.”


Time to anchor in a safe harbor?

In the last few days, both DOGE and SHIB have been trading intensely flatly, and neither news about the increased adoption of both coins as a means of payment or about the implementation of deflationary mechanisms can bring them to their senses and somehow cheer up the coins’ prices.

At the same time, Bitcoin dominance continues to grow as a risk-off period is coming to the markets, and the oldest cryptocurrency is being treated as Gold 2.0 by many investors or as a so-called safe haven in which one can outlast the storm on the financial markets.

Again, neither DOGE nor SHIB have ever gone through a true bear cycle or even a scary crypto winter, so they do not seem like a good investment right now, and it might be worth revisiting some of Jeremie’s old videos and mantras.

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