Dogecoin Gears up for Major Upgrade Dubbed V.1.14.6, Doge up 3%

  • Dogecoin core developer Patrick Lodder has shared the released plan for the network’s upcoming v1.14.6.
  • The case of DOGE as a mainstream currency remains undecided, with supporters and critics taking sides.

Dogecoin (DOGE) is preparing to incorporate a new set of network changes in preparation for v.1.14.6. Set to be released this month, the updates aim at making Dogecoin more vulnerability-proof and easy-to-use, among other upgrades.

Patrick Lodder, one of the project’s core developers, recently released the plan for Dogecoin’s upcoming update. In it are various upcoming features categorized into three: the must-haves, the should-haves and the could haves.

The Road to Dogecoin v.1.14.6

In the first category, Dogecoin has made six changes mandatory, including fixing known and potential network vulnerabilities. Also in this group, increasing the Dogecoin Core wallet protection, along with making its fees more affordable. Furthermore, the network intends on utilizing the easy-to-use software distribution method gitian script, and better handle address messages. The must-haves section also states incorporating “some of them could have.” 

In the should-haves category are two dependency updates, and a cleanup, among others. Here, Lodder notes the Dogecoin developed team should strive to achieve these changes.

The last category is what Lodder calls the “nice-to-haves,” which are changes that the release can do without. Among them are increasing ease-of-use, clean-ups, performance revamps, and others that are still in the draft stage. 

According to the release plan, the upgrade should be ready by July 1, 2022. How the community responds to the upgrade then remains to be seen. For now, DOGE is up 3.2 percent to trade at $0.085.

Side notes

Since its endorsement by Tesla’s Technoking, the Bitcoin spin-off has become one of the favorite meme tokens of the crypto industry. More recently, Musk announced that other than Tesla electric vehicles, he plans on allowing payments for SpaceX (space exploration company)  merchandise in DOGE. 

Another influential Dogecoin proponent is California senate-elect Dr. Timothy Ursich. Driven by the country’s woeful inflation, the candidate plans on making DOGE legal tender in the state if he wins. To further the movement to make DOGE a currency of the people, a philanthropist donated 1 million DOGE tokens to the Dogecoin Foundation in April. 

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But even then, Dogecoin has several inherent issues that hamper its quest to become a mainstream currency. According to Robinhood CEO Vladimir Tenev, the token needs to cut down its transaction speed and transaction cost. The fact that Dogecoin’s supply is infinite does not help its cause.

Co-founder Jackson Palmer has also criticized DOGE, along with the greater industry. The engineer walked away from the project seven years ago, saying the whole industry is swarmed with capitalism. More recently, Palmer engaged in a Twitter face-off with Elon Musk.

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