Dogecoin Cocreator Calls Elon Musk a ‘Grifter’ Who Had Trouble Running Basic Code

The cocreator of dogecoin has made some harsh comments about Elon Musk, calling the Tesla and SpaceX CEO a “grifter” who wasn’t capable of running basic code. 

Palmer is best known for being one of the people behind dogecoin, a cryptocurrency coin based on a meme that launched in 2013. Partly thanks to Musk, dogecoin is now one of the world’s most valuable crypto coins

However, Palmer criticized Musk in his interview with Crikey and shared some details of his “interesting past” with the billionaire.

According to Palmer, he first messaged the billionaire on Twitter some years ago after creating a bot that would help detect if there was a cryptocurrency scam in a Twitter mention and send an automated report to the platform flagging the scam, per Crikey.

Palmer said he also worked with Twitter cofounder Jack Dorsey and the Twitter team so that reports would be instantly sent to them, the outlet reported. He also sent the code to other crypto influencers.

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