ApeCoin, Polygon & Dogecoin — Asian Wrap 31 May

The NFT-inspired token price could continue advancing as the technicals hint at a potential bottom. The ERC-20 governance and utility token may have printed a subtle bottoming pattern this weekend as the price has breached a parallel trend channel. 


MATIC price hints at a rally in the coming days as the Polygon Network may have bottomed over the weekend. MATIC price is displaying reasons to believe in a 30% bull run in the coming days.  The self-proclaimed Ethereum transaction solution coin may have printed its final bottom over the weekend at $0.55. 


Dogecoin price has begun an uptrend move mentioned in last week’s thesis. The next target of $0.11 has newer investors allocating some of their portfolios to the notorious dog coin. Dogecoin price shows bulls are re-entering the market. 

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