AXE Dogecan Stick for Dogecoin on DogeDay

After introducing Dogecan body spray last year, AXE is back with “Dogecan: The Stick” deodorant for DogeDay (4/20). Powered by Smartmedia Labs, the interesting release will be available for purchase exclusively with Dogecoin April 27. Last year, AXE teased Dogecan body spray hoping to push Dogecoin to $1 USD. Although the meme cryptocurrency did not go to the moon, AXE did offer up 1000 limited-edition cans for free, which were snatched up by the Doge community in under 10 minutes.

To mark DogeDay this year, AXE is offering the chance to purchase just 100 sticks of the Dogecan: The Stick. The limited-edition deodorant stick features a “48H Crypto Scent with a Dank Musk” and features a special logo showing the Doge meme and the moon in the background.

Check out AXE’s posts on Instagram and Twitter below for more information regarding the release.

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