Dogecoin, Shiba Inu & Solana fall in price while EverGrow Coin surges 10%

Dogecoin, Shiba Inu & Solana fall in price while EverGrow Coin surges 10%

Find out about the falling prices of top cryptocurrencies and huge gains in EverGrow Coin 

Top cryptocurrencies Dogecoin, Shiba Inu and Solana have fallen in price today, while smaller altcoins like EverGrow Coin surge up to 10% in price. All of the top 20 crypto coins are down in price today, April 22, as cryptocurrency prices are in the red across the board.

Dogecoin and Shiba Inu were the fastest growing cryptocurrencies last year – and tipped to continue being the top crypto tokens to invest in this 2022. Solana also leapt into 7th place in the crypto rankings according to CoinMarketCap earlier this April.

However, price volatility in the crypto market has not been kind to Dogecoin, Shiba Inu and Solana today. Below we’ll look at the latest news items behind falling prices and why EverGrow Coin is showing such huge gains today.


EverGrow Coin sees 100% surge in 24 hour trading volume

EverGrow Coin won a major listing on the DigiFinex crypto exchange earlier this month. While the token price has remained around $0.0000003817 on the PancakeSwap exchange, on DigiFinex today the EverGrow Coin price is at $0.0000005302. This is in line with the huge volume on the exchange as investors flock to this top crypto-token in 2022.

The current attraction of EverGrow Coin is linked to anticipation of major application drops expected in the next few days. These include an NFT marketplace, which will change the game for passive income from NFTs. The EverGrow Coin marketplace will be the first to let users put up NFT assets as collateral in exchange for crypto loans.

Next, the top team of developers and investment experts behind EverGrow Coin are gearing up for massive coin burns from here on out. Chairman Sam Kelly announced sums of at least 5 trillion $EGC tokens expected to be burned and removed permanently from supply every month for the rest of 2022.

This is thanks to a 14% transaction tax on EverGrow Coin buy/sell orders, of which 2% is set aside for strategic coin burns (buyback & burn). The project has already burned 52.85% of tokens from its supply.


Shiba Inu sees Robinhood listing and metaverse auction 

Shiba Inu shot up 20% at price earlier in the month following a major listing on the Robinhood crypto brokerage platform. Sales of real estate in the Shiba Inu metaverse also went live this month, letting users buy up land using the $LEASH token. 

Shiba Inu today has a price of $0.0000243 and is 3.5% down in price in the last 24 hours. 


Dogecoin gets accepted as payment for Porsche dealership in the US

Dogecoin saw huge price rallies earlier in April after the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, announced a takeover bid on Twitter. Dogecoin has long been a favourite of Musk. However, he revealed in Tweets his suggestions to let users make tips using Dogecoin on the social media giant.

With no further updates on the Twitter takeover, however, Dogecoin is down 3.5% in price today. News earlier in the week sparked a minor price rally as a Porsche dealership in Baltimore, Maryland, announced it was accepting $DOGE tokens. 

Dogecoin is currently trading at $0.1366.


Solana price today: $101.79

Solana was the fastest growing top 20 crypto earlier in April, following the OpenSea announcement to integrate with Solana NFTs this same month. The Solana blockchain network is faster and cheaper than Ethereum, the network upon which OpenSea (the largest NFT marketplace in the world by trading volume) is based.

Solana is down 6.6% in price today, however, trading at $101.79 according to CoinMarketCap. Solana remains in 6th place in the crypto rankings after it leapt past Cardano (ADA) earlier in the month. Solana has a market cap of $34 billion.


Disclaimer: The information posted in the article is for educational purpose only. By using this, you agree that the information does not constitute any investment or financial advice. Do conduct your own research and reach out to financial advisors before making any investment decisions.

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