Dogecoin Might Soon Be Able to Perform Offline Transactions Using Starlink’s Technology

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Tomiwabold Olajide

Dogecoin transactions might soon be conducted offline via Starlink’s technology

In a recent blog post by the Dogecoin Foundation, Timothy Stebbing and Michi Lumin shared updates on projects GigaWallet and RadioDoge—including a peek at the infrastructure that RadioDoge is built on.

RadioDoge focuses on using low-cost radio technology (HF/LoRaWAN) combined with the global Starlink satellite network to provide cheap, wide-scale access to Dogecoin for individuals who live outside the reach of regular internet infrastructure. This will allow Dogecoin to be able to perform transactions without the use of the internet.

By integrating a noncustodial wallet with the Dogecoin network, GigaWallet aims to provide a publicly available drop-in solution for internet-based trade and tipping.

Speaking on the recent progress for Radiodoge, the Dogecoin team says it has been concentrating on providing the groundwork for GigaWallet and RadioDoge, as well as many future projects, using the first phase of Libdogecoin, a building block for creating Dogecoin projects.

According to the team, libdogecoin has hit the 0.1 milestone, allowing users to create and validate addresses and transactions. Initial test transactions (through Core Node relay) have also been completed on the testnet, and Dogecoin addresses have been generated, with the library successfully receiving Dogecoin on the main network.

Last weekend, the first RadioDoge “Regional Hub,” which will serve as a testing ground for the technology, was launched. The first libdogecoin transactions should be formed this week and will be broadcast 150 miles over HF Radio in Colorado to the Regional Hub, which will send the transaction to the Dogecoin testnet via Starlink satellite.

Dogecoin’s objective, according to the Dogecoin Foundation, is to make DOGE the de facto worldwide currency for exchanging goods and services. It says it is currently working on some projects aimed at bringing the Dogecoin Ecosystem to a ready state for rapid grassroots adoption, citing the fact that 1.7 billion people in the world are unbanked.

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