Dogecoin Labs: The Most Promising And Rewarding Hyper-Deflationary Coin In The Market, Renowned NFT Arts Designer And Metaverse Innovator

Dogecoin Labs: The Most Promising And Rewarding Hyper-Deflationary Coin In The Market, Renowned NFT Arts Designer And Metaverse Innovator


An Innovative Project Engaged in the Leading and Exclusive Design and Production of NFT Collectibles and Metaverse Games and Applications. 

Dogecoin Labs is one of the most rising and profitable hyper-deflationary coins. This groundbreaking project is inspired by the exceptional entrepreneur: Elon Musk. 

The project’s primary goal is to design and produce 4 million NFT art collectibles and Metaverse games and applications. 

NFT art collectibles and Metaverse games and applications are the two hottest ways to earn money. They’re linked to digital valuables and how people are given financial worth. 

Dogecoin Labs allows investors to take advantage of these markets by providing an hourly steady 10% reward to coin holders on any transaction in the form of BNB Binance Native Token, which is one of the most liquid tokens in the market. 

It’s crucial to pinpoint that Dogecoin Labs has already designed 250,000 art collectibles since it must develop 800,000 per year. Some of which are:

According to Dogecoin Labs’ developers, “The project secures funding for a minimum of 4 million items production by guaranteeing 80% of the total coin exceptional supply in a particular escrow account.”

One of the unique features of this high-tech project is that it will gather artists and game developers to create and design thrilling apps and arts. Additionally, the entire proceeds from the item’s sales and 10% royalty will be invested to discover other business ventures and make an appropriate distribution to coin holders. 

We must distinguish what DogeCoin Labs offers:

This futuristic project is scheduled to be listed on the Pancakewap, a leading decentralized exchange, under the symbol DogeLabs. More listings are expected to be announced shortly. 

To make investors earn more the total amount of NFT collectible sales, 10% royalty payment due and licensing of Metaverse products will be used to explore business opportunities and unique distribution to coin holders in the form of spin-off newly created public divisions and NFT art collectibles Airdrops. 

It’s expected that the first two affiliates’ spin-offs will take place in mid of May and at the beginning of August 2022. 

This one-of-a-kind project has multiple goals to achieve in the following months. It’s expected $180 stable market cap, a $40,000 charity donation, a complete total of 30 NFT collections, and much more. 

DogeCoin Labs’ ecosystem structure is:

  • Anti-whale since wallets are limited to 10% of the total available supply

  • Auto-deflationary because it reduces the supply with every buy and sell transaction.

  • Anti-botting, so it’s advisable not to buy any contracts before the official announcements on Twitter. 

DogeCoin Labs will preserve its intrinsic value in bull or bear markets as a hyper-deflationary token. 

According to the developers, DogeCoin Labs’ mission is to allow everyone to enjoy the usefulness of a hyper-deflationary coin, NFTs, and the metaverse so that people can earn money in the hottest markets.

Investing in this unique project is easy as investors only need to set up a wallet address. There is no private information required from third-party entities as it’s decentralized. 

Since DogeCoin Labs is a hyper-deflationary coin that lets investors profit from NFTs and the metaverse, there are high probabilities for a long-term gain. 

This news release has been issued without expressing any opinion regarding the merit of investment in the DogeCoin Labs token.

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