Elon Musk Won’t Sell Crypto Assets, Believes You Need ‘Physical Things’ Against Probable Inflation

Elon Musk confirmed online that he will not sell his cryptocurrency assets despite the many unpredictable happenings in the world now. There are also multiple problems that the cryptocurrency industry faces, and it includes the unexpected volatility that happens due to a massive factor in the international scene.

The tech CEO advised those looking for one in the thread, and he said that people should invest in “physical things.”

Elon Musk: To Keep Crypto Assets Despite Probable Inflation

Elon Musk: Tesla to Accept Dogecoin as Payment After Previously Ditching the Top Cryptocurrency

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Musk is back to start threads on Twitter, asking the general public about the current situation that borders on a “probable inflation” that will give the world a massive lifestyle change. The CEO may be looking at predictions and news reports to reach this kind of questioning via his online platform, and it says a lot about the current environment.

 The CEO then clarified that despite this inflation that the world would see soon enough, he is not selling his cryptocurrency assets that he currently keeps as investments. Musk pointed out that Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and his Ethereum coins would not be sold back to the marketplace, particularly in cryptocurrency platforms.

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Probable Inflation? Keep ‘Physical Things’ as Assets

The top billionaire talks about inflation and aims to educate the world with his opinions and thoughts regarding the global crisis that everyone will face sooner or later. Musk said that as a general principle for those looking at advice from the CEO, people would have to hold on to their “physical things” and properties like their homes and stocks.

Musk believes that this is a need that would not deteriorate in value anytime soon.

Elon Musk, Cryptocurrency, and the World

The tech CEO is known for imparting his knowledge and beliefs to the world via the different platforms and opportunities he has, focusing on spreading it through Twitter. Elon Musk participates in online threads that include giving information to the public regarding his clean energy company, Tesla. Here, the CEO shared hidden Tesla tips and tricks.

One of the most significant contributions of the famous CEO is the additional satellite terminals to Ukraine, especially now that the country is facing hardships with a neighboring entity around them. Now, Musk and SpaceX bring the Starlink internet to Ukraine, and it includes portable charging options to allow the internet service to prevail in the country.

However, those are not all the achievements and charity work from the top billionaire, as he fave more to the world with his beliefs and knowledge to which he aims to impart to everyone for free. One of which can be seen on his Twitter page, and here the tech CEO shares a piece of advice on the current situation of global inflation.

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