Dogecoin, Algorand & Bitcoin – American Wrap 09 March

Bitcoin price posted double-digit gains recovering from the crypto market bloodshed, climbing ahead of $42,000. Several short positions in the asset were liquidated as Bitcoin recovered from the massive drop. Analysts believe there could be a small retracement before the next leg up for Bitcoin. 

Dogecoin price to enter buy zone before DOGE returns to $0.23

Dogecoin price has several warning signs on its weekly chart that price action has extended a little too far south too fast. The candlesticks and corresponding oscillators indicate an imminent reversal – likely a broader bullish trend change but, if not, at the very least, a strong pullback.

Algorand price looks oversold and set to rally by 30%

Algorand price, like most altcoins, has suffered from an extended downtrend that has been exacerbated by general risk-off sentiment due to geopolitical saber-rattling by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. However, technicals indicated that a major rally would occur despite uncertainties.

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