Jay-Z’s Reasonable Doubt NFT Moves

Jay-Z’s Reasonable Doubt NFT Moves

Hip Hop Legend Jay-Z is pressing forward on his crypto path, and his latest moves are in NFT art world. Jay made two NFT moves recently. In one move he may have revealed his Ethereum address when he updated his Twitter profile to a $100k specific CryptoPunk NFT.

Jay-Z CryptoPunk Twitter Profile Picture

Once the crypto community located his wallet they started adding NFT’s to his Ether wallet. Fans sent Shiba Inu-themed and TheWickedCranium NFTs. It appears to be I’m sure one of many wallet’s he owns. This wallet only contained this NFT and a little over $100 in ETH.

His second NFT move was setting up the NFT sell of his debut album “Reasonable Doubt”. This will be Jay’s first NFT sell, but I don’t feel like it will be his last. He see’s the potential in the NFT community. HOV is bring his ART to the next level in technology. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are unique crypto’s that can represent an image, album, or video digitally. These 2 recent moves have revealed his NFT hand as both a collector and a creator. For those of us on this crypto path with him, it’s a Hussle we can’t knock. (Reasonable doubt is a classic, I had to say it once in this article) Jay showed his collection should consist of very popular and profitable NFTs, and all just by updating his profile picture.

CryptoPunks has 10k NFTs on Ethereum’s blockchain. It’s been around since 2017, but has recently started picking up speed. I called this collection profitable because at the beginning of June, one rare CryptoPunk NFT sold for over $11 million. This sell happened at the very same location Jay will be selling his Reasonable Doubt NFT, Sotheby’s.

The Heart of Reasonable Doubt NFT

Jay’s NFT will be created by digital artist Derrick Adams. Derrick has been tasked with recreating the cover of an album that was originally released 25 years ago. An album that is passionately debated in many barbershops around the world as one of Jay-Z’s best albums. I’m sure Derrick’s one of one animated digital creation of the cover for that album will be just as iconic as the album is itself.

This NFT collaboration will be a visual aid of Derrick and Jay’s experiences with “life in the urban streets”. We will be able to see how their communities have inspired both artists on their journey. It’s said the NFT will have bright colors, flat surface dimensions and multi-layered textures. AKA there will be levels to this NFT.

The NFT Exhibition

It will physically be held in NY at Sotheby’s. But for my MANA community, it will be held virtually for everyone in Ether’s Decentraland  (MANA) virtual world. They will be starting the bid at $1,000 and the sale will run until July 2. You can use fiat currencies (i.e USD), Bitcoin, and Ether to bid on the reasonable doubt NFT. And because Jay is who he is, a portion of the proceeds will go to his Shawn Carter Foundation. This foundation helps people from low-income backgrounds get a second opportunity to further their education.

Because…Knowledge is Power

– Crypto Culture


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