Lil Yachty’s $500 Billion Dollar Crypto Move

Lil Yachty’s 0 Billion Dollar Crypto Move

Grammy nominated rapper Lil Yachty is creating his own bank account with his own crypto coin “YachtyCoin”. In doing so he has now created a seat for himself at a global $509.5 billion dollar table, called the cryptocurrency market. In the Forbes article I read announcing “YachtyCoin”, it said Yachty was joining the “social token” arena. And that arena made me think of meme coins like “Doge” and other artists coins like ODB’s “DirtyCoin” or GhostFaceKillah’s “CREAM”.  All playing in the same centralized exchange coliseum as Bitcoin, each having a league in a growing $500 + billion-dollar coliseum. A coliseum created by a digital asset movement that is using Blockchain Technology to disrupt the traditional world of finance.  

The power we gained from the Forbes article is that Yachty’s token will be Ethereum based, and in November 2020 he announced it would be on a Switzerland platform called “Fyooz”.

Yachty can use his coin as a form of payment for goods and services. We have seen how influences can create shifts in almost any market with a tweet, or a post. Yachty has over 9 million followers on IG, over 4 million each on twitter and Tik Tok. With the most subscribers being on Spotify with 10 million plus listeners. When a fan purchases YachtyCoin, they are now a part of his career, by having ownership in his token.  In Dec 2020 “If you want to buy access to me, YachtyCoin is coming soon.” With over 20million people following him on over 4 social media platforms, tell me why he can’t change the game with this move?

Lil Yachty On Investing & Crypto – VladTV

With Jay-z making 500 Bitcoin trust moves with Twitter’s CEO for Africa, Akon creating an entire Ecosystem based off of his own Coin (Akoin), and Nas being an investor in one of the top crypto exchange platforms “Coinbase” …You can see Hip-Hop is making move’s in Crypto. There are so many ways in which Blockchain technology can impact an industry in a positive way. Snoop, 50, and Jay-z have all sold concert tickets and albums for Bitcoins. The more we increase our knowledge of blockchain technology, the more we can strength the vital lifeline being creating by Hip Hop pioneers for this culture.

Remember Knowledge Is Power. Life doesn’t stop teaching, so we don’t stop learning.

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