Ecomi’s 7/15 Community AMA Recap

Ecomi’s 7/15 Community AMA Recap

News: VEVE’s Official Comic-con News Release: Link

Ecomi Community Manager Rhys Skellern Held A Community AMA on Discord Last Week, Along With The New Marketing Director Alex Gonzales. They Met With The NFT Community In Discord For 3 Hours Inviting Anyone With Questions To The Stage.

Ecomi Really Does An Amazing Job Keeping In Touch With Their NFT Collectors. They Try To Hold These Q&As Weekly.

This Short Quickly Gives A High Level Summary Of That Session.

LINK: Community AMA 60 Second Recap

They Also Took A Moment To Discuss What To Expect For This Weeks Upcoming Online Comic-con Event.  This Will Be VEVE Will Be Debut!

This Short Quickly Gives A High Level Summary. Comic-Con Could Be A Game Changer For The VEVE NFT Community. With Their Exclusive #NFT Licenses

LINK: VEVE Comic-Con 40 Second Recap

Remember Knowledge Is Power…Keep #DYOR

Check Out Some Of The Amazing VEVE/ ⭕MI YouTubers For More Detailed Info.



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