Was VeVe’s Marvel Throg NFT Drop Worth It?

This past weekend VeVe wrapped up Marvel Month with Throg. That is not a typo. Throg is not a meme. Throg is legit Thor in the form of a frog.


So $50 Blind Box NFT Drop For A Marvel Character Most People Haven’t Heard Of?! Blind Box Meaning You Don’t Know What You Get Until After You Buy It?! Was It Worth It?!

This Weekend VeVe and Marvel Ended Marvel Month With A Multiverse Throg #NFTDrop

Something to note…100k+ Users Have #VEVE Downloaded in The App/Play Store. Only A Little Over 12k #NFTs Were Dropped 9/25/21….With These Odds…Does It All Come Down To 🍀?

See The Video Below To See How The NFT Drop Went:

Honestly I feel the odds are against everyone in these drops. Even more real… The more it grows the harder each drop will be. But VeVe have been dropping multiple drops between collectibles and comics, so as long as they continue this pace. There will be enough chances for everyone to try their luck.

Also, the marketplace will have some steals every now and then. I’ll never understand it, but there are times where drops are still available and the marketplace is cheaper. So don’t take it personal if you don’t get the drop you wanted. Patience is key, I check the marketplace daily to see if any of my Wishlist items are on sale.

For example I didn’t participate in the Star Trek: Next Generation drop on 9/9/21. I was interested in the rare Borg Cube drop, but the $110 price tag was to rich for me. I waited a few days (9/13/21), and got lucky. I found both the Borg Cube and a common U.S.S Enterprise Ship for a little more than the rare Borg Cube’s released price. Like I said, not all is lost if you don’t get lucky on the drop. You can always get lucky in the marketplace

Enterprise Common In Market Place 9/13/21 Cheaper than “Buy Now”
Rare Borg Cube Reselling in Marketplace Cheaper Than Drop

Am I a huge Star Trek fan? No, but I am very bullish on VEVE! So I plan on taking advantage of the opportunity we have by being on VEVE before it becomes as mainstream as other platforms (i.e. opensea).

Remember Knowledge Is Power. There are many AMAZING VEVE Youtubers breaking down the platform and the OMI Token. Keep DYOR

More From VeVe on Throg: Source



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