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Great enthusiasm on the markets and not just for the protocol OriginTrail (ticker: TRAC) – who enters by arrogance among the first 200 cryptocurrencies by capitalization. A protocol for many still stranger – but that promises very well both to those who want to use it on an industrial level and to investors.

The focus is on supply chain traceability – a subject very dear to the modern economy and which already sees protocols such as VeChain work with multinational groups. Collaborations that, as we will see, are also present for Origin Trail.

All about OriginTrail – 24 hour bull run protocol

The relative token, $ TRAC, is not yet available on the main ones exchange of cryptocurrencies – and for the moment, if we want to buy it, we will have to content ourselves with using Uniswap, and then wait for the inevitable listing on Binance and on other large exchanges, which could drive the price even higher.

What is OriginTrail and how it works

As we have already anticipated, when we talk about OriginTrail we have before us a protocol linked to the supply chain – or rather, its traceability. A niche in which the blockchain sees one of its natural applications, thanks to the incorrutability of ledger.

ORIGINTRAIL $ TRAC 2011 Ethereum Supply chain traceability Positive 🟢
Our summary diagram on OriginTrail

Returning specifically to OriginTrail, let’s talk about a protocol based on Ethereum – which was founded in 2011 and which aims to use the blockchain in the sector of logistics, in order to improve the tracking supply chain and also have data available for projections.

He has already had important jobs in the food distribution sector and has collaborations with groups such as Walmart, Oracle and recently also HomeDepot – at least according to what is emerging from the convention that is being held in Venice, Italy.

The protocol is also a Polkadot, the same Ethereum, Polygon, substrate, x Come on And Hyperledger Fabric. This is a sign of good integration with all major projects in the world of cryptocurrencies.

To push the Venice convention on gas

To push on the gas of the price of $ TRAC, the protocol’s reference cryptocurrency, is the two-day meeting, the IEEE 5G & Blockchain Summit which has been taking place from yesterday to Venice – where is it OriginTrail is on stage as invited first-rate. The coexistence of Home Depot sparked the suggestion of many investors, with the token’s trading volumes reaching levels not seen for some time.

This to constant supply has led to a significant price increase on all ADM who treat it, from Uniswap to 1inch – with a growth that has led it to be among the first by capitalization 200. The project is also interesting H2OH2O, which involves the European Union precisely with the technologies of OriginTrail – another reason that has prompted many investors to stock up on tokens – in view of future price increases.

Is it worth investing in OriginTrail? The perspectives of the protocol

OriginTrail is by no means new to the world of large collaborations, both with public bodies and with important multinationals. This is a sign of the strength and usefulness of the protocol that few of the competitors can boast.

Of course, the competition of VeChain it is one of the important ones – and for the moment impossible to overcome. However, the strength of a very interesting protocol remains for those who want diversify and want to put in wallet projects with great prospects and fundamentally unrelated to the trend of Bitcoin and the other main cryptocurrencies of the sector.

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