GoosePunks NFTs launched on Ethereum blockchain

GoosePunks NFTs were unveiled on Thursday, Sept. 16 and it was launched on Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. These new digital assets consist of 12,000 hand-drawn non-fungible tokens.

The collection is a unique generative NFTs and all of them will be sold through OpenSea, the first and largest digital marketplace for non-fungible tokens and other crypto collectibles. These GoosePunks have been described as unique NFT avatars living in dystopia on the ETH blockchain.

It was added that they were algorithmically generated through randomly fusing varied illustrated properties covering different categories. They are generated from over 1,100 hand-drawn attributes inside the algorithm. It was added that GoosePunks NFT is not only a digital item but it is a game-changer for all collectors in the blockchain sphere.

“The GoosePunks dev team has created the next-generation of exclusive digital art collectibles. They have developed 12000 unique hand-drawn generative characters, each one unique, algorithmically generated, and designed on the ethereum blockchain,” part of the press release reads. “With its unique technology, collectors will own rare NFTs at a great value. Not only will users own NFTs, but they’ll see them as a game character!”

In any case, those who will purchase any of the GoosePunk NFT avatars will have full ownership of their chosen characters. This means that the buyer will have an exclusive invitation into the “Gaggle,” a place where the other Geese gather, hang out, trade art, listen to music or talk about strategies inside the GoosePunks NFT project.

Furthermore, users can use them for trade inside the GoosePunks game where they can also collect in-game currency, build a house, buy cities, travel, participate in the GoosePunk ecosystem, and more. Players will be able to interact with each other and do everything together such as party, compete, and form their own groups aside from the existing ones that include the Renegades, the Crowned, Drifters, and the Swans.

Meanwhile, GoosePunks revealed on social media that someone has been copying their collection. They are warning people to be vigilant because it is a scam.

Although it is not a good thing, the firm said that the imitation is also a huge compliment for them since it only shows that many are interested in their works. Finally, GoosePunks is inviting people to join them on Discord and for a chance to be invited to The Gaggle and help build the game.

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