Digital Asset Blockchain taking Ethereum Market Share

Ravencoin, a nearly 4-year-old open-source, proof-of-work blockchain protocol, was fairly launched with no ICO, pre-mine, or founder’s reward. In addition to these superior economic and sociological principles, Ravencoin enables digital assets (like non-fungible tokens, or “NFTs”) but on the base layer protocol. This is a superior methodology compared to tokens built upon Ethereum or any other smart contract protocol.

IPAssets along with its family of tools geared for Ravencoin are rapidly displacing Ethereum as the “go to” solution for digital assets. Greater awareness of the economic principles that drive decentralized blockchains are becoming more apparent to enterprise level adopters, and those large-scale adopters are seeking fundamentally superior blockchain technologies to build with.

Combining with, users can quickly create a variety of custom digital assets and seamlessly manage them. Digital assets created with these tools can be listed for sale this month on, IPAssets newest platform and service.

With only 4-months left until the first “halving” of the Ravencoin block reward, many miners and parties interested in digital assets are looking to Ravencoin as a more effective digital asset blockchain. is FREE and the best tool to begin exploring the robust capabilities of Ravencoin and digital assets.

IPAssets is headquartered near Downtown Mesa, AZ with a growing development team spread across North America and Europe. For more information about working with IPAssets please go to:

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