Dogecoin’s Billy Markus Reacts To Former Co-Founder’s Crypto Rant: ‘Bitcoin Doesn’t Really Fix Anything’

What Happened: After a series of tweets attacking the crypto industry from former Dogecoin (CRYPTO: DOGE) creator Jackson Palmer on Wednesday, co-creator Billy Markus took to social media to share his own views on the subject.

“Crypto isn’t political, people for the most part just want to make money. wanting to make money isn’t a partisan thing. I would prefer crypto not be politicized,” he said on Twitter.

According to him, crypto trading is nothing more than “moving money around.”

Although Markus didn’t believe in classifying crypto as some type of political movement, he seemed to agree with his former partner on the irony of the way wealth is distributed across the industry.

“To me “bitcoin fixes this” is just an ironic joke making fun of the fact that bitcoin doesn’t really fix anything, it just changes the actors who control things. it has all the same problems as everything else involving money (sic),” he said.

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While Palmer labeled the entire crypto industry a “cult-like get rich quick scheme,” in Markus’s view, it is people’s behavior that defines something to be good or bad.

“Making crypto itself a boogeyman for human greed and bad behavior is as dull as blaming anything else. it’s fine to like crypto, it’s fine to not like it. the people who like it aren’t bad, the people who don’t aren’t bad (sic),” said Markus.

At the end of the day, crypto is just a tool, concluded Markus, who signed off with a signature GIF depicting a glasses-clad Dogecoin meme.

Price Action: Dogecoin was down by 6.35% overnight, trading at $0.1751 at press time.

Bitcoin, the market-leading cryptocurrency, was down by 0.24% over the same period and traded at $31,648 at the time of writing.

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