Conan O’Brien Talks About Crypto and Catches Attention of Dogecoin Creator

Conan O'Brien Talks About Crypto and Catches Attention of Dogecoin Creator
(Photo : Screenshot From Conan O’Brien Talks About Crypto and Catches Attention of Dogecoin Creator

Conan O’Brien, the last host of Conan noted that he spent an hour talking about crypto. It’s always a sight for crypto traders when more and more people are talking about cryptocurrency. In fact, Conan O’Brien’s tweet caught the eye of the Dogecoin founder himself!

Conan O’Brien’s Career

Conan O’Brien has just recently retired from Conan after an extremely long involvement with the show. The host was born on April 18, 1963 as an American TV host, writer, comedian, producer, and performer who started out as a writer for SNL from 1988 up to 1991. 

According to SNL fandom, Conan left SNL back in 1991 and worked as a writer and producer for one of the most popular Fox animated series, the beloved The Simpsons. He then left The Simpsons back in 1993 only to return to NBC as the host of the late 12:35 series Late Night which also featured Jim Downey in the past and would later on be hosted by none other than Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers.

He then briefly hosted The Tonight Show from the year 2009 to 2010 making him the very first person to serve as the permanent host for both of the NBC programs. He then hosted his very own TBS late-night talk show Conan ever since November 2010 until recently retiring.

Dogecoin Founder Replies to Conan

Conan O’Brien has been taking it to Twitter to talk about his experiences post-Conan. When announcing that he has spent an hour talking about cryptocurrency, which meant that he officially doesn’t have a job, the founder of Dogecoin replied to the tweet.

According to the creator of Dogecoin on Twitter, Shibetoshi Nakamoto, cryptocurrency is actually something that a whole bunch of people that actually have no idea what they are talking about like to talk about, as the account described, “incessantly.” The Dogecoin founder basically noted that there are a lot of people talking about cryptocurrency lately without even understanding much of it.

How to Start Investing In Crypto

For those wishing to get into cryptocurrency, it might be better to take a step back instead of going all in on altcoins and really understand Bitcoins before anything else. Bitcoin, or known as the first cryptocurrency, follows a concept new investors must understand before investing.

The Bitcoin market cycle is something that new investors might want to learn in order to understand why the prices of Bitcoin are how they are as of the moment. CryptocurrencyFacts talks about the Bitcoin market cycle and its importance.

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Bitcoin Market Cycle

The crypto market cycle starts off by the whales buying huge quantities of cryptocurrency. Once the prices start going up, this is where other buyers come in and GREED takes over the market. Finally, new heights have been reached and crypto whales start selling off huge chunks of Bitcoin.

Once crypto whales sell huge chunks of Bitcoin, the prices start going down again. This is where FEAR takes over the market and more people start selling as well. Once a lot of Bitcoin has been sold, the price starts to plateau at the bottom and this is where crypto whales start buying again.

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