Watch: Intrepid YouTuber literally tries to send Dogecoin to the moon

Global cryptocurrency prices are tumultuous, as always, given their highly volatile nature. Dogecoin, a joke cryptocurrency created in 2013, witnessed a sharp increase in its price thanks to its listing on popular cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. Then again, it takes as little as an Elon Musk tweet to send the global Dogecoin prices soaring, so this is hardly a surprise. Now, an intrepid YouTube content creator has literally sent a physical Dogecoin model to space. It took a hot air balloon, a GoPro, and loads of driving around to achieve the feat. And yes, the Dogecoin in question eventually landed back on Earth because there were no rockets involved. 

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However, the Dogecoin in question did escape the atmosphere for a brief while and landed 30 miles away from its initial location. ‘To the moon’ is a phrase often used by cryptocurrency enthusiasts when they want the price of a coin to rise. The phrase is often used in conjunction with the moon/rocket emojis and words like ‘Stonks’, which is a meme-i-fied version of stocks. While its origins are unclear, the phrase gained traction during the recent Reddit Gamestop stock fiasco, where hordes of Reddit users from r/WallStreetBets locked horns with multi-billion dollar hedge funds. 

Dogecoin price as of June 30th

Much like other cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin price has been on a steady decline. As of June 30, 1 Dogecoin is selling for Rs 18.7 per coin. In this week, that figure had gone as low as Rs 14.6 and as high as Rs 21.9. That is less than its all-time high of Rs 50, which was achieved in May 2021. 

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