Fast-rising BOHR — the integrator of the blockchain era

Fast-rising BOHR — the integrator of the blockchain era!

Fast-rising BOHR — the integrator of the blockchain era!

BEIJING, CHINA, June 4, 2021 / — Bohr aims at the problems of transaction congestion, high transaction fee and long confirmation time in existing blockchain. Aiming at “extremely light, extremely fast, extremely interesting and extremely wide”, Bohr has built the first high-performance public blockchain network in the world to support massive concurrent transactions and transaction confirmation is faster. Bohr public chain gas is 0.0001br, which has innovative double-layer consensus mechanism and cosh consensus algorithm, and the block speed is 5S.

Bohr focuses on creating a simple and easy-to-use decentralized digital pass underlying blockchain. With the use of declarative intelligent contracts to enhance expression capabilities, users can freely create and publish digital passes, so that complex intelligent contract codes need not be written.

Bohr public chain technology development team is currently anonymous. The project was launched in 2018 and launched on the main network on January 1, 2021 and officially launched globally. 0 pre excavation, 0 private placement, 0 public offering, and the project has been launched on hotcoin and aofex. Currently, the network has a currency holding address of more than 800000 and more than 240000 active miners in 24 hours.

Bohr public chain officially launched the cross chain bridge on June 1. The cross chain bridge of Bohr public chain will connect different assets on different chains, making it easier for users to access new assets and innovative functions. The first stage of the cross chain bridge of Bohr public chain will support the on chain asset conversion of heco. In the first stage, little Bohr (LBR) is the main token supported by Bohr cross chain bridge. In the future, all token assets on heco chain will be interconnected with assets on Bohr chain. In the second stage, we will open up the asset conversion between coin security smart chain (BSC) and Ethereum, including the mutual conversion between Bohr heco Ethereum BSC. The implementation of Bohr cross chain bridge technology has laid a solid foundation for building a multi chain parallel bohrswap, and realized a more diversified ecosystem through cross chain technology.

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Bohr Global Foundation
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