Will DOGE price go to 1? Dogecoin soars on Coinbase Pro news

And Dogecoin, meet dollar.

Fans of the joke-cryptocurrency-turned-financial-world-darling are happy about the news that it will be listed on the Coinbase Pro crypto exchange, so they’re now buoyed enough to create and promote the hashtag #DogeCointo1Dollar.

In the past 24 hours, Dogecoin’s value has jumped 25%. According to Coindesk, it’s now worth just under 40 cents. The market cap is $51.59 billion and its volume in the last day is $12.92 billion.

This isn’t the first time Doge enthusiasts (Dogeheads? Doge devotees? Dogeites?) have set $1 as their target. On April 20, better known as Weed Day, that was their goal, too, and they dubbed that date Doge Day. It closed at a little above 33 cents, Coindesk says, with its all-time high, 72 cents on May 7.

Dogecoin has its roots in the world of stunts, though. Two software engineers created it in 2013 to satirize the growth of digital currency’s growing popularity.

Tesla cofounder and CEO Elon Musk has often tweeted about Dogecoin, which again gained short-lived traction before his Saturday Night Live appearance last month.

Doegcoin trading on the Coinbase Pro trading platform will begin on or after 9 a.m. PT on Thursday, if liquidity conditions are met, the company says.

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