Elon Musk’s “Childhood Pic” Has A Dogecoin Twist. Take A Look

Elon Musk?s 'Childhood Pic' Has A Dogecoin Twist. Take A Look

Elon Musk is an active Twitter user. (AFP Image)

When Elon Musk tweeted that he had found a “photo” from his childhood, Twitter users flocked to catch a glimpse of it. However, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO was not sharing an actual photo of his younger days. Instead, he shared a funny image that apparently summed up his childhood. The photo features a Shiba Inu, the breed of dog that is the face of cryptocurrency Dogecoin. The billionaire’s past interest in Dogecoin has been well-documented on Twitter. He has been tweeting about it constantly for a few months now, and his posts have led to fluctuations in its value. 

In Elon Musk’s latest pic, the dog is surrounded by a number of computer screens and keyboards. You can catch a glimpse of a game of chess on one of the screens as well as a book titled “VIC Graphics.”

The snap also features a note that reads, “1980: I have to keep my passion hidden from the public or I will be publicly ostracized.” Along with the post, Mr Musk wrote, “Found this pic of me as a child.”

The upload soon had Twitter users in splits. It also racked up more than one lakh ‘likes’ and several hundred comments within a few hours of posting.

Reacting to the tweet, one user said that the tech billionaire’s interest in Dogecoin is clearly a longstanding one.

Another user commented on the reference to chess in the image.

A user said that the mention of the cryptocurrency in Mr Musk’s tweet could give a push to Dogecoin’s value.

Some even recommended investing in the cryptocurrency following Mr Musk’s post.

Take a look at some of the other reactions.

Elon Musk is an avid user of Twitter and is often seen interacting with followers on the micro-blogging platform. Earlier this week, Mr Musk dropped a one-word response to a tweet that cited a 2018 Washington Post article regarding his time management skills.

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