Ecomi & VeVe App Join Immutable X for Gasless Layer 2 Ethereum Transactions

Ecomi has announced via Twitter that they are moving their popular NFT platform to Immutable X, the well-known Ethereum layer 2 that offers fee-free transactions. Immutable X is also involved with Gods Unchained as well as the upcoming Guild of Guardians.

This means that the popular VeVe app will be backed by the security and decentralization of Ethereum while offering fast and easy trades.

As of right now it is unclear what will happen with the current OMI tokens, which currently operate on GoChain.

Ecomi does have a wrapped version of OMI which can be purchased on Uniswap.

This news shows that many decentralized applications are moving toward either a layer 2 solution or proof of stake (PoS) in order to reduce gas fees and make transactions nearly instaneous.

This model is seen on EOS, WAX, and other popular blockchain gaming projects.

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