‘Sounds Kinda Fun’: Elon Musk Supports A Lollapalooza-Like Event For Dogecoin – Tesla Motors (TSLA)

Supporters of Dogecoin (CRYPTO:DOGE) seek to follow the mission of “Doing Only Good Everyday.” That mission and a worldwide group of supporters of the cryptocurrency is leading up to a Dogepalooza event.

What Happened: In May, a trademark was filed for “Dogepalooza” covering categories like entertainment exhibitions, music festivals, concerts, events and cultural activities.

Dogepalooza is scheduled to be an event in Fall 2021 with no location or dates currently announced. The event would bring the Doge community together and also support communities through donations for local and national charities, according to the Dogepalooza event page.

“There will be a live entertainment, drinks, food, Dogecoin merchandise and an all-around celebration of Doing Only Good Everyday,” the website says.

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Dogepalooza has four forms currently on its site for people who want to attend the event, people who could be vendors at the event, people who want to volunteer at the event and potential event sponsors.

“If you or your company want to promote your brand and have it showcased at our event we would be honored to work with you.”

Dogepalooza said it was working with several iconic brands to be part of the festival. The list could include Slim Jim, a brand of Conagra Brands Inc (NYSE:CAG), which has used Dogecoin as part of its social media marketing campaign and been a supporter of the Dogecoin community.

Dogepalooza is also said to be considering having NFT tickets for the event.

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Musk On Doge Event: One of the biggest supporters of Dogecoin is Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) CEO Elon Musk.

A tweet about a potential Doge event called DogeFest caught the attention of Musk who said the event “sounds kinda fun.”

Fans of Dogecoin have thrown out suggestions that supporters of the cryptocurrency like Musk and Mark Cuban should speak at the event.

Others have called for musical performances from Snoop Dogg, Gene Simmons, Soulja Boy and others who support cryptocurrency to join the festival.

Price Action: Dogecoin is trading at $0.344 at the time of writing Tuesday.

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