Why Dogecoin Creator Billy Markus Is ‘Disappointed’ In Dogecoin Millionaires

Dogecoin creator Billy Markus appealed to Dogecoin holders on Twitter to “not act awful on the way out.”

What Happened: “One day…you may sell. You may make money or not, who knows,” he tweeted, adding, “To be clear – I don’t care if people sell, at all. People should literally do what they think is best for them, at all times.”

“I do, however, care about the behavior of the doge and cryptocurrency communities at large, since, y’know, I do want it to be successful.(sic)”

According to Markus, too many Dogecoin millionaires have cashed out of their holdings and proceeded to disparage the community afterward.

“I’m not being funny when I say that I’ve seen multiple people becoming millionaires selling doge and on their way out, trashing everyone and everything that got them rich. It’s been pretty disappointing,” he said.

Over time, the Dogecoin community that Markus mentioned has grown significantly in size, and the coin’s most influential supporter, Elon Musk, appears to have turned more serious about the future of the cryptocurrency.

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The Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) CEO went from sporadic tweets about Dogecoin to more frequent references, which led to significant price swings nearly every time. Recently, Musk called for Dogecoin developers to contribute to its development as part of his broader goal to make Dogecoin “the future currency of Earth.”

At press time, Dogecoin was trading at $0.3533, gaining 6% over the past 24-hours. The coin hit a high of $0.74 earlier this month but has since lost $47 billion in market cap.

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