Dogecoin An Entryway To Get More People Into Cryptocurrencies, Says Co-Creator. ‘What They Do After That Is Up To Them’ – Tesla Motors (TSLA)

Dogecoin (DOGE) co-creator Billy Markus said Monday that the meme cryptocurrency, far from being a threat to the cryptocurrency space, was a gateway to it.

What Happened: Markus made his comments on Twitter where he extolled the virtues of his creation.

Markus concurred with a Twitter user that Doge was “very inviting as a crypto.” He said his stance was to “disarm the black and white arguments that Doge is bad for the space. It’s very not.”

DOGE traded 6.56% higher at $0.495 at press time on a 24-hour basis. The apex cryptocurrency — Bitcoin (BTC) — traded 5.78% higher at $45,279.16 in the same time frame.

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Why It Matters: The cryptocurrency community exchanged tirades on Sunday with Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) CEO Elon Musk after a series of tweets from the latter that were critical of Bitcoin.

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The acrimony between Musk and supporters of BTC has been building ever since Tesla announced it would stop accepting BTC for payments. 

Musk’s response to a tweet fueled speculation that the automaker might dump its remaining BTC holdings which he later addressed in the early hours of Monday.

Musk during the tweet war at one point said that obnoxious threads made him “want to go all in on Doge.”

Markus voiced his desire for peace on Monday and said that there should be no “war” between BTC and DOGE.

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