Dogecoin: Can you buy MLB tickets with Doge?

Dogecoin has made a splash in Major League Baseball as the Oakland A’s decided to sell tickets for the meme cryptocurrency.

Oakland A’s sell tickets for Doge

The Oakland A’s said they sold a pod of tickets for 100 dogecoin. One dogecoin was worth about $0.48 at the time, which would mean the pod cost about $48, according to Business Insider.

Oakland A’s president Dave Kaval said the team processed the payments using Dogecoin, which makes the A’s the first Major League Baseball team to do so.

Bloomberg reports that Dogecoin has been used for marketing gimmicks in recent weeks, including the Oakland A’s decision to offer the seats for 100 dogecoin.

We also saw Slim Jim reference Dogecoin in a tweet. It’s unclear why the beef jerky sticks company mentioned the cryptocurrency, but it could be a sign that it plans to sell its snack for Dogecoin in the future.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said Dogecoin can become a useful form of currency if more companies allow for people to use Dogecoin when they buy items, as I wrote for the Deseret News.

  • “Meme coins like Doge only work if they gain utility and users use them for that utility,” he tweeted.
  • “As long as more companies take doge for products/services, then Doge can be a usable currency,” he tweeted.

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