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Dogecoin To Be At Center Stage Of Mark Cuban Appearance On The Ellen Show Today

Dogecoin To Be At Center Stage Of Mark Cuban Appearance On The Ellen Show Today


Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban talked Dogecoin (DOGE) on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in an episode due to be aired on Tuesday.

What Happened:  In a clip from the official account shared by Headline Planet, Cuban can be heard saying, “I wouldn’t say [Dogecoin] is the world’s best investment, but it’s a whole lot better than a lottery ticket and it’s a great way to learn and start understanding cryptocurrencies.”

As per the “Shark Tank” host, if it doesn’t go up and you want to spend it, “you could buy merchandise on the Mavericks store, hopefully soon on the Ellen shop, so it is also becoming a digital currency.”

Ellen followed up Cuban’s comments by saying “It seems like it’s just going to keep going up and up,” adding that of course there’s no guarantee for such an upward movement. 

Earlier, Cuban tweeted about his upcoming appearance on the Ellen Show, which garnered responses from author Frederick Joseph and the official Twitter account of the Slim Jim snacks.

DOGE traded 1.08% higher at $0.27 at press time. The cryptocurrency has run 5,571.13% since the year began. Comparatively, Bitcoin (BTC) year-to-date gains are a modest 84.05%. BTC traded 2.21% higher at $53,534.35.

Why It Matters: Cuban said earlier on Twitter that Mavericks’ DOGE-denominated sales continue to grow.

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Cuban is a supporter of both non-fungible tokens and cryptocurrencies. He revealed earlier this month that Mavericks’ sales in DOGE are up over 550% compared to the previous month.

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His team has sold more than $122,000 in merchandise for DOGE since beginning to accept the Shiba Inu-themed coin as a form of payment.

Meanwhile, Ellen has put her own NFT artwork on sale, titled “Woman with Stick Cat.” At press time, the auction was ongoing.

The “Platinum Woman with Stick Cat” Package that contains a 4K video file featuring a monologue from “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” attracted a high bid of $10,000. 
The “Gold” package containing a high-resolution image and a physical printed copy sold 3 copies at $2,500. Also, 49 “Silver” packages containing a high-resolution image only were sold for $100 each.

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